Born From Nature

NOOSA® is a naturally-sourced fiber made from corn, a renewable resource. That’s why we like to call it a bio-renewable fiber.

Safe for Biodiversity

NOOSA® is harmless to human beings and biodiversity. During the washing process, every garment naturally releases millions of microfibers entering the water system and directly going to the oceans. Hoepfully, NOOSA microfibers can be ingested and digested by all living beings thanks to its natural origin.

Loops the Loop

NOOSA® upcycling process transforms disposed textiles into a 100% virgin fiber, bringing the textile industry to an unprecedented level of circularity.

A SEcond life
for your clotheS

The Upcycling

This is how it works:

1. We take back worn-out clothes made in NOOSA from our partners or directly from the consumers through collection systems

2. The clothes are de-buttoned, shredded and turned into a bulk blend of fibers.

3. Through a patented process, the fiber blend is solubilized in a green solvent to allow a separation of NOOSA fibers from all other compounds (other fibers, pigments, additives…).

4. The solubilized fibers enter into a process turning them back into pure lactic acid, the original building block used to produce back a virgin NOOSA fiber.

Our recycling process is so clean that you can drink the solvent (FDA approved).
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Recycling Process

We care about circularity and that’s why we always recommend the use of a single material when it is possible.

If products are made from only one material, it will encourage and facilitate the recycling streams.

If not possible, our chemical recycling process allows us to achieve the separation of eventual material blends.