Born From Nature

NOOSA® is a naturally-sourced fiber made from corn, a renewable resource. That’s why we like to call it a bio-renewable fiber. The corn we use is certified GMO-free.

Low Environmental Impact

We continuously work on reducing our environmental impact through an improved Life Cycle Assessment. Today, NOOSA® fiber shows a 30% reduction of CO2 emission and 50% reduction of water use compared to conventional cotton.

Loops the Loop

Our NOOCYCLE® technology transforms discarded textiles back into a 100% virgin fiber, bringing the industry to an unprecedented level of circularity.

A SEcond life
for your clotheS


6. extrusion
There is no difference between
a virgin and recycled NOOSA fiber
thanks to our recycling process.
5. Purification
AND Polymerization
The solubilized fibers enter a process turning
them back into pure lactic acid, the original building
block being polymerized to produce a virgin 
NOOSA® fiber again and again.​
4. Hydrolization
3. Solubilization
and filtration
Through NOOCYCLE® technology, the fiber blend
is solubilized in a green solvent to allow the separation
of NOOSA® fibers from all other compounds
 (other material, pigment, additive…). 
We take back discarded textiles made
from NOOSA® through collection systems.​
The recovered textiles are shredded
and turned into a bulk blend of fibers.
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Design for an easier recycling

Think of the end-of-life at
the design phase of your product.

Push single material products when it is possible, to facilitate and encourage the recycling worldwide

Limit hard points or non-textile
elements in your products.

If not possible, our NOOCYCLE® recycling technology allows us to achieve the full separation of material blends