About Us

Where we operate

Our headquarter is located in Brussels, the capital of Europe, where our commercial team is and where our laboratory for the Research & Development and recycling lies.

The production of our fiber takes place in China, directly where our raw material is produced but above all, where a real know-how for innovative and new materials has been developed over years.



By using our new type of fibers we can help the fashion industry to be more sustainable for the new generations.

Driven by a strong desire to transform the apparel industry and long lasting world, NOOSA is producing circular fiber and yarns.



Implement our fiber in the fashion industry and the complete value chain to create circularity.

Our goal is to bring the clothing industry to circularity by ensuring qualitative and transparent processes for every stakeholder.



We give a new purpose to waste by reducing our water and energy consumption.

"There is no sustainable material, per se,
because for everything you need a resource."

Nina Marenzi
Founder of The Sustainable Angle

"A new textiles economy captures the full value
of clothing during and after use."

Ellen McArthur Foundation
Ellen McArthur Foundation